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Thank you for visiting our website,

We are Lori Gilbert, Licensed Acupuncturist (California), and Brad Gilbert, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern & EFT Practitioner.

Important Note: Lori is no longer in practice until further notice.

We bring to you the most effective healing tools available, based in the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and modern psychological approaches. We specialize in relief of pain, allergies, addictions, and trauma. We only use the most effective, non-invasive therapies available. With compassion and a healing touch, we look forward to serving you on your path to health, wellness, and life long fulfillment.

Healing comes from balancing the energies of your body and mind by finding and releasing the cause of the imbalance. This is different than symptom relief, (like taking Tylenol for a headache or a prescription of Codeine for chronic pain) which focuses on muting the body's natural signals that are trying to tell you something is out of balance, and you need to take action in locating the problem. Practices that focus on symptom relief alone do not get to the root of the issues behind the observable symptoms, and sometimes mask the symptoms making the underlying issues more complex and harder to treat than before.

We have found emotional stress and allergies are very common causes for all kinds of issues from simple headaches to eczema, chronic anxiety, digestive issues, addictions and serious diseases.

Let me give you an analogy. You go to your mechanic because there is a blinking light on the dashboard of your car (represents your pain signal). The mechanic puts the key in the ignition, notices where the flashing light is, opens up the dashboard and pulls out the bulb that was flashing (represents a "pain reliever" to temporarily mute the pain signal). He then gets a cup of coffee, sits down for about 15 minutes or so (so it looks like he spent some time on the job) and says the problem is fixed. Hmmm... not to good. There must be some better way to work on the problem. Maybe he should find out what is connected to that blinking light and repair the real problem. Truth is most car mechanics work to find the real problem; not all "mechanics" of the human form do this.

We are here to find the real cause behind your imbalances in a way that does not cause side effects, other than peace, happiness and health. Now, those are side effects you can live with!

Brad & Lori

Brad & Lori Gilbert


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