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(Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique)

Lori Gilbert,
Licensed Acupuncturist


Important Note: Lori is no longer in practice until further notice.

Lori Gilbert, L. Ac,  is certified and trained in the NAET protocol, by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad, MD, L.Ac., DC.

NAET is an acupressure technique, which does not require the use of needles, so it is ideal for children and people who are afraid of needles.  It is painless and simple.  (I do use acupuncture though, if the patient wants it.)

Here is a common result from NAET treatments:

"I came to Lori desperately searching for help with my severe Pre Menstrual Dysphoria Disorder and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms which were plaguing my life. The medications my doctors gave me helped some, but still there were several days every month that I had to lock myself in my room, laughing, crying, Diamond Integration and raging uncontrollably.  For the past 3 years, I also missed a lot of work when my CFS caused me to stay in bed for a month after each flu, or illness.  My adoptive mom had successfully gone through NAET to heal allergies to perfumes and flowers that used to keep her bedridden.  Even though it worked for my mom years ago I was still skeptical that it wouldn't work on me.  However due to the severity of my symptoms I knew I had to give it a try anyway.  Lori did NAET with me, she was gentle, understanding, and thorough.  I think it was after the B-Vitamin treatment that I felt the most difference.  The PMDD has never come back after that.  After 15 treatments, even though I have gotten a few colds and a kidney stone, the CFS that used to keep me exhausted for a month hasn't plagued me, I've sprung back a lot sooner, and I don't miss work like I used to.  I feel like I've never been healthier, and words can't explain how happy I am. My only wish is that I had tried NAET sooner."

-- Cathi H. of Elk Grove, CA

“When I first brought my 3 year old son to see Lori, he had been having diarrhea every day since birth and he often got stomach aches.  His sinuses were always clogged.  The pediatrician said he had food allergies and pollen allergies, which were diagnosed by a blood test.  Avoiding all his allergic foods was very difficult if not virtually impossible.  After Lori treated him with NAET, he has eaten those same allergic foods and had not had any diarrhea.  His stomach aches have gone away, and he no longer has stuffy sinuses so we don't have to give him his steroid nasal spray anymore.  The pollens don't bother him anymore either.   I am so grateful to have found this—it has changed our lives!  Thank you!”
-- Sonia N.,  from Rocklin, CA

Sonia's son had his stomach aches and diarrhea from food allergies resolved in the first 5 treatments.  By the 10th treatment, his sinus problems from the environmental allergies had gone away.  It is common to have many allergic symptoms relieved within the first 5 visits, and usually, it's permanent, if the patient is able (or the parent is able) to follow the simple EFT homework I give, and possibly take the vitamins and natural supplements I might recommend to improve the function of the immune system.  I would say this is true for about 80% of patients.  For the other 20% of complicated cases though, it can take many more treatments.

This gentle, effective allergy elimination technique diagnoses and effectively eliminates all kinds of allergic symptoms due to things such as foods, environmental allergens, chemical sensitivity, etc.  And since it can be done with acupressure, no needles need be used.  This makes the technique ideal for children and anyone who is needle-shy, and looking for a natural way to have a normal, healthy life, free of allergic symptoms which include but are not limited to: digestive disorders, IBS, asthma, hay fever, eczema, sinus problems, hives, anaphylactic shock, heartbeat irregularities, arthritis, pain anywhere in the body, etc.  Any of these symptoms that are allergy related can usually be effectively treated using NAET.

How it works:
An allergy in our terminology, is more loosely defined than in allopathic medicine.  Energetically speaking, an allergen is anything that the body rejects on some level; it's as if, in the presence of an allergen, the body says, "No, I am not OK with this substance!" and a reaction of some kind occurs.  That is when we see the allergic symptoms.  With NAET, you get an energetic treatment with acupressure, on specific meridian points, that tells the body that it is OK in the presence of the allergen.  The nervous system and immune system are re-programmed with the new information from the acupressure treatment.  Now the body can say, "Yes, I am OK with this substance." and no reaction will occur.  This is true when a treatment holds.  Most of the time, one treatment for a particular allergen is all that is needed (plus avoiding it for 25 hours after the treatment) to clear the allergy to that particular allergen.  Occasionally, one may need more treatments for the same substance.

For a more thorough explanation, please see further down the page.

What you can expect in your first visit:
We will use muscle strength testing (the Nambudripad's Testing Techniques) to see which allergens need to be treated first, and systematically go through the treatment of the allergies that are affecting you.  We may diagnose more hidden allergies than you know that you are allergic to, so don't be surprised.  You might consider getting an IgE or ELISA lab test done by your MD to compare before and after treatment sensitivity levels.  You will probably need between 2 and 15 treatments initially.  I will teach you how to do some simple acupressure  treatments on yourself at home so that you can continue with the benefits, and not lose the effects of the treatment if you cannot avoid the substance we treated for the 25 hours after the appointment.  We will work together for your health improvement.  It is recommended you read Say Good-Bye to Illness by Dr. Devi Nambudripad (available on her web site www.naet.com), before your first visit, and get an NAET Guidebook to chart your progress.  I carry the Guidebook at my office for your convenience.


Our Story
My own family has been treated with NAET and can attest to its amazing results!  Here are some of my own results.

My oldest son Evan became ill as a baby, at about 6 months old after he started going to daycare and I began weaning him.  He had ear infections every month despite having had his adenoids removed and ear tubes put in twice (at 1 yr. old and again at 2 yrs. old), and he also had eczema all over his body.  We had to give Evan a new course of antibiotics every month, as the ear infections kept coming back.  This made no sense to me and I wanted to find out how Evan could get well, as I was sure he was not just suffering from a deficiency of antibiotics. 

An MD allergist finally diagnosed Evan with many food allergies with the skin-scratch test, and put him on an elimination diet that helped the skin problem, but the diet was almost impossible to follow strictly.  My son felt left out of what other kids were eating being on his special diet, and I felt helpless to do much of anything.  Determination to find what would work led me to find NAET and to try it.  (You may be in this same boat now, I'm betting.)  Being a chemist coming from a scientific background, I was a bit skeptical to begin with.  But after the first few treatments an interesting correlation between the things the allergist found my son to be allergic to got treated by NAET, so I returned my son to the allergist to repeat the skin-scratch test.  To our amazement, the items he had been treated for with NAET, no longer showed a positive histamine allergic reaction on the skin test.  After this, I was convinced.  It took perhaps 10-15 treatments to completely clear up my son's eczema, but by then I knew enough to help do some of the simple acupressure treatments on him at home, and within a couple months, he was no longer having to take antibiotics for his recurrent ear infections, because they were all cleared up.  And to top it off, he was eating all the things he'd previously been allergic to--including corn products, egg whites, dairy, citrus, and more, all with no problems.  I was so relieved, and my son was very happy to be eating foods he previously had to avoid, with his friends at preschool.

My second son Ariel has had amazing results also.  This began with a congenital birth defect though, mainly unrelated to the allergies.  We had to have Ariel in the hospital for a couple weeks for surgery when he was only eight weeks old, to correct malrotated intestines and he also had a hemangioma removed from his liver.  After he came home, he began having diarrhea, with pain and cramping, several times a day.  He also seemed to have acid-reflux after eating, and would just wail in pain.  We thought the diarrhea might have been from a bacterial infection (like C-dif) that he might have gotten in the hospital, or candida infection, but all the lab tests were negative.  While in the hospital, Ari had been given intravenous courses of antibiotics. 

Ari’s suffering went on for several weeks with his pediatrician not wanting to do much about it, except making sure he was gaining weight, which he was, and checking that he was not dehydrated.  Ari had occult blood (invisible blood) in his stool, which was abnormal.  We were finally referred to a pediatric gastroenterologist, who thought it was most likely allergies to food that I was eating, and these allergens were then in my breast milk.  She put me on an elimination diet (no dairy, wheat, soy, eggs, citrus.)   

I tried to follow this special diet so our son's allergic reaction would subside.  After taking the NAET basic course from Dr. Devi Nambudripad about a month later, I obtained the allergen vials and was taught how to treat my son for his allergies.  It took many treatments for certain allergens, and just a few for others, but within 6 weeks, we had mostly eliminated the main allergies:  eggs, dairy, citrus, vitamins & minerals,  wheat, etc., enough that after returning to the pediatric gastroenterologist, I was eating my regular healthy diet again, without having to avoid allergens.  The doctor was very impressed with Ari’s progress--the diarrhea was much improved, and also there was no occult blood in his stool anymore.  He was gaining weight faster and feeling much better; his stomach aches were much fewer and far between.  He no Diamond Integration longer needed medication for stomach pain.  He has since been discharged from the gastroenterologist's care since his follow-ups went so well.

So, you can see why I really know that NAET works, and how my family has benefited.

Further information about how NAET works:

Now for some more explanations why I think NAET works.  I’m going to try to explain something that is based in Chinese Medical Theory, of which I have had four years of schooling, and in relation to western science, which I also have four years of schooling.  I am not a quantum physicist however, nor a biological scientist—my background is in chemistry and Chinese medicine.  The nature of my work is related to all those things though.

In Chinese Medicine, the human body is looked upon as an organism within its environment, as a connected system, not merely a bunch of separate parts making up a whole which is the way western medicine views the human body.  E.g. A man goes to his primary care physician with three main complaints: he has a bad rash on his skin, so he may be sent to a dermatologist; he has digestive problems, so he may see a gastroenterologist; and he has anxiety about his skin rash and digestive issues, and probably a lot of other things because of his pain, and he gets sent to the psychiatrist.  They all have a different diagnosis, and probably a different pill, for each of his maladies, which may or may not be helpful.   If these drugs don’t help, he is lucky if they just don’t work, but unlucky if they actually harm him more, and the doctors often see no relationship between the three issues he came to them for in the first place. 

This is not the way Chinese Medicine would treat these three seemingly “separate” issues.  Chinese Medical theory sees that all parts are connected, nothing is really separate, and all things are energy.  This is very similar to what has been found in the field of quantum physics in the last 50 years.  The cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, from the University of California, Santa Cruz, describes the interconnection of all biological systems to the environment very eloquently in his book, The Biology of Belief.  For those seeking to understand how Chinese Medicine works, in layman’s terms, I highly recommend reading this book.

In Chinese Medicine, where there is disease, there is an imbalance in the body’s energy system (which they call Qi, pronounced, “Chi.”)  A Qi imbalance can cause all kinds of disease patterns and must be observed in a holistic way in order to find the cause of the imbalance.  Only then can it be corrected, so all the symptoms get treated, and the person becomes healthy and whole again.  This is the place where I have seen western medicine fail: they are great for saving people’s lives in emergency situations and are very necessary for that.  Sometimes surgery and drug intervention is vitally necessary. 

But when it gets to chronic illness, such as high blood pressure, diabetes Type II, and obesity for instance, besides prescribing drugs for maintenance of the patient’s condition, western medical doctors often do not have much advice beyond telling a patient to have a good diet—and that advice is often debatable depending on what diet they prescribe—and to reduce stress, and lose weight if necessary.  Say our example patient above, with the skin rashes, which got diagnosed by the dermatologist as “atopic eczema,” digestive problems, which the gastroenterologist diagnosed as “irritable bowel syndrome” and “GERD (gastro-esophogeal reflux disease)”, and anxiety, which perhaps the psychiatrist diagnosed as as a kind of anxiety disorder, asks if any of these doctors have any advice on how he could more naturally control the problems he has, our patient would be fortunate if at least one of the doctors thought food allergies could be involved, and to avoid the allergens.  They may get the patient’s blood tested for antigens and other things.  Sometimes these blood tests don’t show anything unusual though. 

With NAET, the patient is treated for the allergic substances using the same method, more or less, independent of what symptoms the allergies cause.  In the example from above, it could be a dairy and wheat allergy that is causing much of his eczema, digestive issues, and anxiety.  In the sessions, I would have him avoid these allergens until we could treat them, if possible.  There might likely be some other foods or contact allergens that would need treatment as well for a full recovery.  Then I would want to have him take some of the types of supplements listed below in “Other things to consider,” so he could have his skin nourished properly, because his improved digestion and assimilation of his food and nutrients would allow healing of the skin.  It would also nourish his brain in ways it had not been (which was why the anxiety was something he could not just push away and get over) because proper brain chemistry begins with proper nutrition.

Other things to consider

It is vitally necessary to repair the immune system in people with allergies.  I find that allergies are a result of a compromised immune system.  If the immune system is not repaired, the allergies can come back after some months or years after NAET treatments.  Typically, I recommend some basic nutrients be taken each day, and depending on the individual, I may recommend some herbs or other immune-tonifying nutrients.  All the herbs I carry in my office are manufactured in the US and are batch-tested for purity.  Viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds, and yeast are pathogens that deplete the immune system of sensitive individuals.  Herbs can often help.

Many allergy patients have been on courses of antibiotics like my children were.  Beneficial bacteria that are supposed to line the intestinal walls in the gut, which get killed off by antibiotics, are called probiotics and they are very important supplements to take to replenish good the intestinal flora.  I am a distributor of some very good probiotic and nutritional supplements by GHT: ThreeLac is great for keeping yeast and fungal overgrowth under control.  The probiotics are powders children can easily take, and they taste really good.  The company also has an excellent line of liquid vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other supplements.  My family and I like them a lot.  I have received positive feedback from many patients that liked them too.

I highly recommend the book Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, for patients with any emotional, psychiatric, neurological, or digestive disorder.  Following the diet in Dr. Campbell-McBride's book can greatly accentuate relief ot symptoms during the course of NAET treatment.  This diet is based on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Although if one is allergic to nuts, waiting until nuts have been treated with NAET might be a good idea before trying this diet.

For intestinal allergic problems and disorders, such as IBS, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, constipation, etc., I also recommend reading Fiber Menace.  In this book, you will learn about what is normal and what is not normal about digestion and elimination, and why no one should take fiber supplements long-term.  I have better supplements to help with these things that won't damage your intestines like fiber does.

Iodine is another extremely important immune system enhancer.  I recommend everyone to read Dr. David Brownstein’s book, Iodine—Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It where the progressive doctor describes the benefits of this very misunderstood nutrient.  I carry Lugol’s Iodine Solution at the office, as this is one of the forms of iodine supplement Dr. Brownstein recommends.  You may also purchase it through JCrows website.  It is not found at local stores in the dosages Dr. Brownstein recommends.  He has used iodine therapy for not only thyroid imbalances and allergy/immune problems, but also for breast and prostate cancer issues.

A daily vitamin and mineral complex like the GHT products, and omega-3 fatty acids (from fish oil) are some things I think everyone should take, because most of our food, the way it is grown and processed, tends to be lacking in essential nutrients.  These nutrients have been shown to improve cognitive function in school children and in studies on prison inmates’ behavior.  The late Nobel Prize winning Dr. Linus Pauling, in studying nutrient supplementation, concluded that the US RDA for nutrition was only adequate in preventing serious diseases of malnutrition such as rickets and scurvy, but he believed the requirements for optimal functioning of the human body and brain were often tens to hundreds of times more than the US RDA's recommendations.  Studies are still being done on vitamins and minerals and their role in promoting optimal health, not merely prevention of serious malnutrition. 

We have found Trader Joe's "Omega 3 Fatty Acids Odorless" to be a very cost-effective and high quality product of fish oil for health promoting and anti-inflammatory effects.  You want to find a fish oil that has at least 400mg of EPA per pill, and is either "pharmaceutical grade" or "molecularly distilled" for purity.  Be aware that if you get cod liver oil, you have to be careful of the dosage of vitamin A in it--too much can be toxic.  That is why for the most part I recommend the refined EPA because the vitamin A has been taken out.

I always recommend that my patients work with their medical doctors too, even when they are working with me.  I am not licensed to do anything that would make changes to medications or recommendations of the medical doctor.  Together we should all work as a team for the patient to regain health and vitality. I hope from this you can see why I really know that NAET works.


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