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What people are saying...

Here is a common result from NAET treatments:

“When I first brought my 3-year old son to see Lori, he had been having diarrhea every day since birth and he often got stomach aches.  His sinuses were always clogged.  The pediatrician said he had food allergies and pollen allergies, which were diagnosed by a blood test.  Avoiding all his allergic foods was very difficult if not virtually impossible.  After Lori treated him with NAET, he has eaten those same allergic foods and had not had any diarrhea.  His stomach aches have gone away, and he no longer has stuffy sinuses so we don’t have to give him his steroid nasal spray anymore.  The pollens don’t bother him anymore either.   I am so grateful to have found this—it has changed our lives!  Thank you!”

-- Sonia N.,  from Rocklin, CA

EFT for smoking cessation:

"I met Bradley when I asked for help with my smoking addiction. I was in the first few days of quitting and I could feel a lot of anxiety, and impending doom because I couldn't see myself continuing not to smoke. I remember feeling really victimized by my own habit. After doing the EFT technique and talking a little about some of my issues I was able to feel more confident and focused about my goal to quit smoking. I really didn't think it was going to help over a length of time, but I thought ok, at least I can go from here. That was actually a year and a half ago and I haven't had to smoke. Now, almost two years later, I have decided to give EFT another try, and this time I have been using it on my fears, and have been able to see shifts in my emotions. I have had moments when I thought about smoking again, but now I know I can just do this really simple technique to get through issues and begin to replace them with more positive thoughts and actions. It seems to me, that with this technique I can even identify issues more specifically, and come up with a positive affirmation easily. It's like a skipping record, it seems like I can get out of a stuck needle, and then go to a new "groove". Honestly, for myself I have had so many battles with my emotional life, that I find this almost too good to be true. Yay! Thanks Bradley"

-- Michelle B., Sacramento, CA

EFT and Qigong for emotional healing:

"When we started working together I chose him because I felt completely safe with him. Brad is completely uninvasive and gave me a lot of room while I was working with him on my healing path and growth…Working with Brad using EFT I felt like I could focus on and clear very deep emotional blocks within a few minutes…Working with Brad…in Medical Qigong has been a saving grace for my life; he kindly and supportively helped me work through many emotional issues. I felt very safe with Brad and will always appreciate the work we have done together.
Thank you Brad!” 

-- Jackie K., Santa Cruz, CA

“I felt truly honored by Brad’s soothing voice and calming energy.  I did feel healed by my experience with EFT mostly through the compassion of Brad and the group.  I now hold new positive, warm memories! Thank you.”
-- Charli J., Yoga Instructor, Davis, CA

“Brad is a very powerful, compassionate, insightful, skilled, and intuitive instructor…Thanks so much!”

-- Rasa A., L.Ac., Davis, CA

Qigong instruction:

“This is the first of such a course I’ve taken & thought Brad put a lot of information together in just 2 days of training. Brad is a wonderful teacher – clear and knows the subject.  I felt very comfortable too…great energy.”

-- Marion, Reiki Master, Sacramento, CA

Qigong exercise:

“This qigong class has opened up a whole new form of exercise for me, and I believe it is very beneficial to my health…”

-- Pat W., Aptos, CA


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