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Group Therapy

Group Therapy for Male Sex Addicts

New Group in Folsom Starting January 2017!


Accelerate Your Sex Addiction Recovery

Requirements: Assessment interview for new clients, 25 session commitment, participation in SA, SCA, SLAA, or SAA. 

Location: Heart Healer Treatment Center
Cost: $65. per group.
Openings: Call for information.



  • Free copy of Facing the Shadow
  • Cost-effective weekly therapy 
  • Problem to solution model 
  • Learn simple practical tools 
  • Support of others in group 
  • Win back your spouse & family's trust 
  • Regain self-respect by living a life of integrity 
  • Learn healthy relationship skills

Uses the effective and exciting Carnes' Task Centered Approach to treating Sex & Love Addiction. Included is, psycho-education, recovery techniques, family of origin work and group support.
Facilitated by Brad Gilbert MFT, CSAT,  LMFT#95079

Call for details to see if you could join this ongoing group to support your sobriety and the health of your family

Limited to 5 participants so sign up now!    

Call Brad Gilbert at (916) 616-5227 or email bradgilbertmft@gmail.com

Brad Gilbert, Marriage and Family Therapist LMFT#95079
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist 

Brad Gilbert, MFT, CSAT

Call for your free phone consult to determine if we can work together to
help on your path
to recovery and healing.

Brad Gilbert MFT. CSAT, 916-616-5227, bradgilbertmft@gmail.com

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